Here's an old image I took of a pink christmas tree. It seems that a lot of people are searching for an image of a pink christmas tree this year. I've gotten many hits on this image that was buried deep behind the scenes of my main web pages. Isn't the web great! So I thought I woud bring it to the front page for you all to enjoy.

Happy Holidays!!

Here's some customer testimonials from people that I worked with to portraits for business and online dating.

"he was very professional yet easy going. he took many shots and was patient. he had great ideas for backgrounds, lens etc. all in all very good experience and he spent a ton of time doing it all. "

"I wanted to write to you and let you know that my experience with Wayne this morning was a very enjoyable one. I was really skeptical at first and debated whether this whole thing was useful, but I had a really fun time and enjoyed very much how professional he handled the assignment. 2 Thumbs up and recommendation to others coming! "

"I decided to hire a professional photographer because I needed a better photo for my web site I couldn't be happier with the photographer I connected with via Look Better Online. Wayne is a true professional. He took an incredible amount of time to perfect each shot - lighting, background, pose. Perfectionism is not always a good thing... unless it is in a photographer. I recommend Wayne highly. He was personable, easy to work with and I really enjoyed hearing about his own quest to follow his passion for photography. It shows! Valerie Young Dreamer in Residence"

"Wayne made me feel so comfortable and relaxed during the shoot. He helped bring out some great sides of me that I never knew existed, both in front of and behind the camera. I know that he'll be successful in LA."

Here's a fun little thing I did in photoshop with one of my images.

I launched a new website today called This site is focused on providing high quality headshot services for actors, entertainers, musicians, models, real estate agents, and business professionals that need headshots and portraits. Ace Headshots is a product of Wayne Wallace Photography and will be a brand of its own in and around Las Vegas. Come check it out and pass the word.

Stock Visuals has accepted some of my images.

My image "Spheres in Space" was nominated in the 2005 Black and White Spider Awards international photography competition. The judges are among the most respected in the industry. What an honor having them recognize my image.

The Spider Awards

I'd like to personally thank all the judges below for their time and participation in this program.

Sue Brisk, Editorial Director
Magnum Photos, New York

Rebecca Bedrossian, Managing Editor
Communication Arts Magazine

Cliff Li, Director
Leica Photo Gallery, Brazil

David Clarke, Head of Photography
Tate Gallery, London

Ailsa McWhinnie, Editor
Black & White Photography Magazine, UK

Darren Ching, Creative Director
Photo District News (PDN)

Anita Dammer, Editor-in-Chief
Photo Life Magazine, Canada

Julian Watt, President
Society Advertising, Commercial &
Magazine Photographers, Australia

Thom Vogel, Director
Bonni Benrubi Gallery, New York

Andrea de Polo
Fratelli Alinari Museum, Florence

Eric Browner, Administrator
Man Ray Trust

Filippo Tattoni-Marcozzi
Hamiltons Gallery, London

Ton van Zeijl, Former President
British Institute of Professional Photography (BIPP)

Andrea Hinteregger, Director
Artrepco, Zürich

Rocco Piscatello, Founder
Piscatello Design Centre, New York

Dr. Johannes Pernkopf, Founder
Galerie Pernkopf, Berlin

Sandra Byron, Director
Sandra Byron Gallery, Sydney

Roger Sonnewald
J.J. Heckenhauer Galerie, Berlin

Jurriaan Van Kranendonk
Van Kranendonk Gallery, The Hague

Roger Szmulewicz, Founder
Fifty One Gallery, Belgium

Conrad Hechter, Correspondent
Studio Magazines, Australia

Marty Weiss, Founder
Meter Gallery, New York

Michael Fulks, Publisher
Apogee Photo Magazine

Vaughan Judge, Head Fine Art
Glasgow School of Art, Scotland

Alice Miller, Editor
Studio Photography & Design Magazine

Javier R. Cardona, Curator
Perfect Exposure Gallery, Los Angeles

Juana de Aizpuru, Founder
Galeria Juana De Aizpuru, Madrid

Alexis Gerard, President
Future Image

Kelly Padden, Assistant Director
HackelBury Fine Art, London

Stephen Toner, Editor-in-Chief
EXIT Magazine, London

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The two mega powers in the realm of digital imaging and web design have come together. The main products I use for image editing and graphic design are now under one roof. I personally am very excited about the future of their applications. If you're a serious digital imagaging professional like I am you should be excited about this news. Check out for more details.

Hallmark Institute of Photography has published their 2006 catalog and used several of my images. They have also added me to the list of success stories. Hallmark was a great experience. I met a lot of great people there, made friends for life, learned a great deal about the business and craft of photography and will always trust my education!

Portrait of me by Vicki Taufer.

Thanks Hallmark!

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