As you may know I work with Flashes of Hope providing portraits to kids with Cancer. Here's some news I just got from the LV Chapter Director.

"In Las Vegas, and multiple other cities around the nation, mini photo shoots are set up at Sunrise Children’s Hospital-Pediatric Oncology Unit, The Children’s Center for Cancer and Blood Diseases, and Comprehensive Cancer Centers of Nevada-Pediatric Division every other month. The children are given the opportunity to be photographed by themselves, with their families, roommate, favorite nurse and/or doctor, and even their best friend(s). The photo shoots are a ton of fun and bring some beautiful smiles during what is the most difficult and challenging time in their life.

The Photographers and Stylists are some of the best in the business and they donate their time and talents without any hesitation. Their generosity and compassion speaks volumes to their character. The staff at NCCF and Flashes of Hope are honored to be working such amazing and talented individuals and as the Las Vegas Chapter Director I am so thrilled to announce that People Magazine has completed their spread/piece on Flashes of Hope! It is set to print in the next issue to hit newsstands on March 28th! This is very exciting news for Flashes of Hope and we hope all of you will pick up a copy and see first hand the beauty, significance, and meaning these photos have for so many. "


We had so many great models.

I was trying to make the rounds and get a few pictures of all the models, but it just didn't happen.

Here's some of my favorite shots from models I did get to work with.

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This past week I hosted a big photo shoot for Alumni of my school the Hallmark Institute of Photography.

Here's a group shot of some of the HIPsters, models and stylists that gathered in Las Vegas for the old western town shoot out at Bonnie Springs.

We had a great time!

I woke up at 6:30am to the sound of rain and many phone calls from models asking are we still shooting? I told them for sure, Hallmark grads are not afraid of a little rain.

At 10am, about 50 people gathered, the clouds provided some beautiful soft light and we proceeded to take over the town.

A great time was had by all!

Here's a shot of Tony, Myself, George, Kirsten, and Ed that Joseph Chen HIPster '95 captured for us.

I will be posted some of my shots of the models soon.

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I had fun working with this crazy group of girls from Atlanta today.

They're here in Vegas for the weekend having a little fun and celebrating Lisa's birthday.

They wanted to do some Pin-Up Girl style photos.

Here's one of my favorites from the shoot today.

"Hi Wayne! This is so cute! The shoot was amazing and we all had an absolute blast! I don't think we could have asked for anything more. I can't wait to see the pics! Thanks for everything YOU'RE AWESOME! My 30th birthday will always be remembered with your shots!!!!! -- Lisa

"You are the BEST!!! You really took care of our group & made it a fun, memorable day. Couldn't have asked for more. We're so excited to see the pics. Thanks for everything."
-- Tonya

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It seems like everyone is going retro!

Many of my clients ask if I can give them some kind of retro look.

Girls want the 40s and 50s style pinup glamor shots for their guys.

They guys want that that classic B&W Hollywood actor look.

I decided to give myself a little pop art makeover.

If you'd like a retro version of yourself contact the studio at 702.734.6161

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Wayne Wallace Photography is always striving to create innovative and unique product offerings to stand out in this field of commodity and commonality.

A lot of photographers just take pictures and sell paper -- Not Wayne Wallace Photography!

Wayne Wallace Photography is rolling out a new series of product offerings under the branding of Your Life Captured!

One of the new product offerings is the Mixed-Media Mania Session.

This is a totally cutting edge field of photography which a lot of photographers won't even attempt -- That means I want to do it!

Click on the image below to see a sample movie or click here.

During the Mixed-Media Mania Session I capture your life or a small part of it anyway with many many still images captured in rapid fire sequence, video footage, and then put it all together using special software, add your favorite music, and special effects just like they do in the movies.

You can then play this movie on your TV, Computer, or even load it up on MySpace, Facebook or YouTube.

To find out more about the new line of products visit or call the studio today at (702) 734-6161.

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