I spent Thanksgiving with friends in Colorado. Here's a few of my favorite picks from the past few days. Joe and his wife Pat live in the mountains of Colorado and have a regular farm with horses, dogs and goats. They also run an online handmade organic bath and body product store called Crowley Manor check it out.

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Wayne Wallace Photography is launching a new product line called One Of A Kind Photo Art.

These one of a kind images will only be printed and sold one time as large fine art prints framed using an archival process and signed by Wayne Wallace.

After the framed art has been delivered the original digital file used to make the print will be destroyed making this an original piece of artwork that will only grow in value over time.

The first image being released is called "Electric Blue" which can be seen below.

If you're interested in purchasing One Of A Kind Photo Art Image #1 please call the studio at (702) 734-6161.


Last week I met with Christopher, who's a builder of hi end homes here in Las Vegas. We had a great time creating some contemporary headshots for his new advertising campaign. Here's a few of his favorites from the session and a testimonial he sent me.

I had been putting off getting my headshots done for a while, until I found Wayne. As an amateur photographer, I love taking photos, but was nervous about what to expect from a professional photo session with me as the subject. What should I wear? How should I pose? Should I smile, not smile, etc? Wayne offered lots of information before the session, but was most helpful during the session. He spent time chatting and getting to know me, rather than just jumping right in. He explained the procedure and answered any questions I had. When it came time to shoot, I was still slightly unsure, but Wayne quickly put me at ease, leading me through each scene with great direction and humor. After a few minutes, everything came naturally, and the remainder of the session was a breeze. The best part was seeing the end result. It was impossible for me to only choose a few from the many great photos Wayne captured. I look forward to working with him again soon. Thanks Wayne! - Christopher

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I had the pleasure of working with Karen to create these headshots.

We had a lot of fun and below are some kind words form Karen.

You can tell Wayne is an amazing person from the moment you meet him, but behind that is such a professional, he totaally helped me through out the whole process making it easy and fun and I loved working with him. Wayne's totally passionate about his craft and you can instantly tell he enjoys what he does, thats why he makes it so easy and awesome, resulting in amazing photos. Thank u so much for everything Wayne !!!! U Rock -- Karen

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Call the studio today to purchase a gift certificate for that special someone on your list. It will be the easiest shopping you'll ever do.

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So today I got to experience simulations of mars gravity, moon gravity and pure weightlessness!!!

What a cool experience!! Nothing on earth like it!!!

After suiting up and being briefed on our flight instructions we were bussed over to McCarran Airport and boarded the plane. After reaching our flying altitude we took our position in the float area on the floor and the plane started it's maneuvers.

Pretty soon we were a bit lighter and floating around.

It was a little tricky taking photos while floating around uncontrollably with people flying and spinning past me but I got the hang of it after smashing into the ceiling a few times and had to give people a gentle spin so I could capture their good side.

I'd definitely recommend this experience check out the Zero G website.

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Where were you election night, glued to the TV like me?

I found this great headshot of president elect Obama published on his blog and I decided to offer a presidential headshot special in honor of this history making occasion.

Regardless of how you voted, if you sign up for my Wayne Wallace Photography Newsletter this week you will receive a special discount coupon on my most popular headshot session.

I can make your headshot look just like this if you want!

(note: I didn't take this picture)

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Last week I hung out with the talented crew from HOTBOX Salon at the Hard Rock Casino while they competed in the Las Vegas Hair Wars competition.

These are a few of my favorite shots from that night.

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