A client of mine asked me to put together a collage for Ally. Here's the design I put together for her.

A portrait photographer friend Sandy Puc' is one of the founders of Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep an organization that joins parents and photographers to provide infant bereavement photography.

Photographers and digital retouchers volunteer their time to create soft, gentle heirloom photographs that honor and cherish these babies. I was touched when I heard about this project and told Sandy if she needs any help to sign me up. Photography has played an important and life changing role in our time, but this use of photography has got to be right up there on the top of the list of the most important things ever done with photography.

No this isn't computer retouching it's real world retouching. Yes, Wayne Wallace does makeup too! I took a makeup training class and this was one of my subjects. Please excuse the photography it was not a proper studio with good lighting. A good dose of makeup can make even the worst complection look pretty good even before photoshop. I'll be producing better samples of my makeup application in my own studio soon.

I took a trip up the coast of California, Oregon, and Washington. I came accross may great sights, but this waterfall in the Washing National Rain Forest was amazing. Here's a photo I found while going through some old photos.

A client asked if I could ad a person into a group shot. I said sure give me some photos and tada! The girl in the red dress appears just like in the movie the matrix. I love Photoshop.

If you haven't heard the buzz yet about Apple's new product Aperture go check it out.

They used to say you need to be running a Mac if you want to do graphic design which is no longer true. The new saying will be if you want to deal with RAW camera data you'll need to use a Mac! Apple has pulled out the trump card again! They've built RAW processing into the core operating system level and treat RAW files as first class citizens and allow you to create multiple versions of your RAW files with typical RAW adjustments in addition to basic post production editing like dust and blemish removal, and cropping and get this, without making a JPG, TIF or even another copy of the original RAW file. They are basically saving the instructions to apply to that original RAW file which dramatically saves space on your hard drive. You know the typical process, shoot a gig, save out another gig or more as TIF, start doing Photoshop on a few files, and wham you have used 10 gig before long. Aperture has many many more very cool features.

Maybe I should write a book on this software and the future of RAW in the Mac world.

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