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A little Polaroid Fun

I picked up a #polaroid #camera #impossibleproject #impossible

I picked up a old #Polaroid #camera and some #impossibleproject #film to start playing around and being nostalgic and creative. Here's a few first pics I took trying to get a feel for how it works.

Some first shots with my new #polaroid #impossibleproject #photo

Stay tuned for more...

Are you on Instagram?

I decided to start using Instagram as one of my main places to publishing photos, videos and other creations that I make or find in the world. It's a great tool for publishing from your smart phone. I have a Samsung Galaxy Note 5 and I love it! Read my Medium story about My New Samsung Galaxy Note 5

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Model Portfolio Photography Session - Las Vegas

I had fun working with this new aspiring model Lula. This was her first photography session and she did a great job. We ran around in the 105 degree Las Vegas summer sun. I was able to find some nice shady spots to create some images for her modeling portfolio. I will be posting some of my favorites from the session soon so check back later.

Here's a few of my favorite photos from my model portfolio photography session with Lula.

Here's what her mom had to say in a review she posted on Google.

"I needed photos for my shy, self conscious, 15 year old and I didn't want to have to step in with suggestions for improvement, or ice- breaking, or anything. And it wasn't necessary. Wayne is a talented professional who's eye for detail, background, lighting and texture work together to pull a shy girl out and capture her beauty. The pictures came out so well, and Wayne Wallace worked so well with her I think it even boosted her self esteem."

Arizona Correctional Facility - Commercial Photography

This was one of the most interesting commercial photo shoots I've been involved with in a while. I was hired by the company that manages the Arizona Correctional Facility to create stock photos of the inmates and officers doing their daily routine around the prison. Sorry, I can't show you the actual pictures I took. ;-(

Las Vegas Model Portfolio Photography Session

I did this model portfolio session with Courtney at the Art District in downtown Las Vegas, NV. I like the Art District because there are so many cool little places to use for photos. Also, I really like the fact that no one hassles you down there. Everyone's an artist, not like down on The Las Vegas Strip where Casino Security shuts you down if they catch you on their property. Las Vegas is the most photographer unfriendly town I've ever done photography in.

These are a few of my favorite shots from this model portfolio session. These shots are pretty much straight out of the camera with no photoshop editing other than some cropping and light levels adjustments. These days I'm more into the natural look without a lot of photoshop editing. Sure I can make any photo look great with photoshop, but I like to just create good photos that don't need photoshop work done to them as well.

How do you feel about photoshop?

Leave a comment about what you like more natural photos or perfectly photoshopped photos.

My old website for Wayne Wallace Photography

When I opened my photography studio back in 2009 I created this website. A few things have changed since then. I no longer have that studio and the website is built on old technology so it must be retired. I really like the layout and all but it's not a responsive web site. Today all websites should play nice with mobile devices and change their appearance based on the device size. When Google comes out with the new search algorithm in April websites will get penalized for being mobile friendly. My old website was not mobile friendly. I've decided to use Koken here as my replacement for my old website.

My China Greeting Card Collection

In August of 2014 I traveled to Beijing, China. I was constantly taking pictures while visiting all the major tourist sites. I had a great time and would love to go back again. I’ve created a collection of Postcard & Greeting Cards on Sendcere. For a limited time you can register and send a card for FREE. Try it out at

The Great Wall Of ChinaThe Great Wall Of China